The pharmaceutical logistics needs a new and improved Mailroom

Any organisation’s mailroom is among the last places where technological innovation reaches. What’s to innovate in packing and sending parcels? Well, quite a bit, actually.

The pharmaceutical industry is driven by personal relationships, which plays a key role in building customer loyalty. Pharma representatives personally visit doctors from time-to-time, not just to sell the medicines but also to engage them and keep them prescribing their brand.

To make the most of their visits, they need:

  • Marketing materials like up-to-date brochures, flyers etc.
  • Samples of the products being marketed

Physical products create a better impact

The convenience of digital, especially in the healthcare industry, takes away from the impact of the in-person experience. For instance, when a doctor receives a PDF brochure on WhatsApp, they are likely to scroll through it once and forget all about it. On the other hand, when they receive a printed brochure in hand, they are more likely to spend time reading it and absorbing the information.

In fact, unless they throw it out, it also has great recall value every time the doctor passes by it in their office. This is true of sample kits as well — there is no digital sample of medication. At least not yet.

Physical collateral defines customer experience, recall and therefore loyalty. Yet, the logistics of reaching these to the medical representatives and eventually doctors hasn’t seen much innovation for the digital age.

Present-day mailrooms are inefficient

Multiple delivery partners: Typically, pharma logistics is conducted through multiple delivery partners to send packages because no single provider offers nation-wide reach. This causes them to interact with multiple vendors, track using multiple systems, inconsistency of delivery speeds, overall making the mailroom process tedious.

Legacy tracking systems: Most logistics companies use a traditional track and trace system that is not user-friendly. This becomes especially convoluted when you need to track hundreds of packages at once.

Insufficient reporting: Very often, the burden of reporting itself is with the client. Pharma companies have operations executives maintaining spreadsheets of packages in transit. This is a waste of time and energy. Without a clear accountability matrix, this can also lead to undelivered or lost-in-transit packages.

A tech-driven mailroom service customised for the pharmaceutical logistics

Shipacko’s Mailroom service brings the robust capabilities of e-commerce logistics to your organisation’s mailroom. It is powered by our in-house technology, data science capabilities and an expansive network covering 19400+ pin codes in 2825+ cities in India.

Shipacko takes your packages to the country’s nooks and crannies, becoming your singular logistics solutions provider.

  • With Shipacko Mailroom, you no longer need to engage multiple vendors for different locations or kinds of packages.
  • We ensure the delivery of sample kits to the right recipient and prevent medicines from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Your employees and field agents can also use Shipacko to send back documents, contracts etc., to the head office without the hassle of finding a courier.

Ease of pharma logistics

With Shipacko Mailroom, booking pickups, returns, rescheduling etc., are at your fingertips through the mobile app.

Unified dashboard for your mailroom

Shipacko’s user-friendly tracking system offers detailed real-time visibility into your entire organisation’s logistics. These reports are automated, significantly reducing manual work for your operations teams.

Get your own Shipacko Mailroom

Shipacko Mailroom understands that not all deliveries are the same. This is why we’ve created custom solutions for the pharma industry, keeping in mind your privacy, security, and delivery assurance needs. With e-commerce grade logistics and data science capabilities, your mailroom gets a much-needed boost of technology innovation and automation.

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